Fly Server Plugin Minecraft

The support Web site!Conduct a large plot, which is no easy task Se7enSins. With the purchase of raw materials is not just maintaining and improving the site, as well as a desire on all functions helps us access membership! Nowa fully configurable plugin, which allows you to break free of charge placement, murder, fishing and processing of purchase. Base class (experience increases, while you do your work). This plugin allows you to fly!Commands:/fly – allows/fly flight fly server plugin minecraft [Player]-[Reader] fly/fly speed [speed]-change the speed at which you fly in a knot of permission [speed] (min-10, maximum of 10): fly. Grant permission to the user Flyfly Fly-. Miscellaneous-permission to give the user a different Flyfly. Speed-give users change permission his flying SpeedFlying. Speed. [1-10]-give that user permission to fly his speed, change up to a maximum of fly fishing [1-10]. -User authorization during the give give give Flyingfly. Invincible during Flyingfly, ask the user the invincible. Worldchange-the user can install the world without steering wheel StoppedHow change: just download the. JAR file with the download above right, put it in your plugins folder and restart BAM, works on this page button. Configure a video from Diamondsftw/KrazyGames21 fly: Note: by default, players cannot do any damage during the flight. This can be changed by using permissions. A: disable PvP during the maximum FlyingAdd the maximum Flyspeed. The air withheld from death/Relog. Donations: If you like my plugin and you want to make happy, can you consider a donation with donation button top right on this page. You can also send your donation using Bitcoin: 1JGZyMtvPyAKygPAnYpZhax5BbYFZU1r2S. Known bugs: Strip is an error if a non-integer value SpecifiedPeople can even draw arcs if they allowed no harm, etc.